Where our guests learn to cowboy by riding and working as cowboys, right along with us

Pictures and Videos of the Lazy F Working Guest Ranch
Main House

Clay Allen
P.O. Box 9
Smiley, Texas 78159

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A Picture is worth 1000 words

MAIN HOUSE - Interior Pictures
Water on the ranch comes from the City of Gonzales (best water in Texas)
Map Diagram of Main House
The Entire Main Suite (both rooms) rents for $200/night
The Main Room and Jacuzzi rents for $110/night
The 2nd Room (use shower upstairs) rents for $100/night

ROOMS IN MAIN HOUSE - All Rooms, except those in the Master Suite, are open to all guests.
The walkway to the Swimming Pool and Pool House exits from the Breakfast Room to the left.

Breakfast Room - the most popular room - Coffee machine on the left connect to water supply
always has hot water for tea. Tom and my daughter, Sydney, on wireless internet

Living Room - photo take with my back to the big fireplace
Most popular room in the Winter because of fireplace
My daughter, Sydney, decorates couch, above, and fireplace, below.
Master Bedroom - Main House Suite
King Size Mattress on left
Single bed in same room on right

Master Bedroom - Adjoining dressing room and Jacuzzi

MAIN GUEST HOUSE - Upstairs Movie Room w/computer
(NO TV - Just DVD/VCR Movies and a library)
BREAKFAST DECK and UPSTAIRS SHOWER (connected to movie room)

Updated 30 January 2017